My name is Michael Taylor.  I am a full time photographer based in the UK for over 30 years. 
I was born in 1963 near the North Coast of Ireland.

My Beginnings
My initial explorations in photography where using film in ‘box’ cameras.  In 1978 at 15 years old, my parents bought me a Praktica camera: I shot a roll of 35mm film and was hooked for life!  A few years later I made a small darkroom in the loft of my parents’ home and loved watching the magic of black-and-white images emerge before my eyes. This experience will never leave me.  I still have a fully equipped darkroom.  
Throughout my Science degrees at university I photographed mainly abstract images during the Summer.
I left a career in science and attended Art College to MA level then immediately started my professional practice. Photography was thus always part of my life and will always be of primary importance.

LUMEN is a project I began in 2011.  Light is the subject.
My fine art photography began several decades ago, with black and white (especially infrared imaging) being the primary focus.

LUMEN Project
“Photography is light architecture”
      - Moholy-Nagy, “Fotografie ist Lichtgestaltung”, Bauhaus, 2/1, 1928, p.1.

“Light is beautiful in itself, for its nature is simple and all of it is there at once. Wherefore it is integrated in the highest degree and most harmoniously proportioned and equal to itself, for beauty is a harmony of proportions.”
       - Grosseteste (From: Eco, Umberto.  The Aesthetics Of Thomas Aquinas.  Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press. 1988, p.109).

There were several reasons I approached light as a subject.
Light is foundational to the universe; it was present right at the beginning of everything.  It is also the basis of all photography.
By default I am always exploring a paradox within light: the wave-particle duality.  Light by nature has properties of both a wave and a particle.  These seemingly conflicting attributes are unified within light.

Photography has been traditionally classified according to the subject (e.g., landscape, portraits, etc).  I have adopted an abstract approach to the medium in which light itself is the main subject.

My Creative Methods
I think, read, look, sketch and refine, all before I lift a camera. I reject most of my ideas— six files usually become one!  Art is research based —even the apparently spontaneous process itself is research. Reality is multi-layered. The act of not revealing leads to mystery: this causes each viewer to think differently. I love seeing closer or further than normal. Both staged and found light patterns are equally important to me. Staged studio constructions create unexpected surprises. After all the planning these unpredicted moments where light reveals itself are gifts of grace.
The control-spontaneity paradox is essential to all art making.  All research is only the starting point – ultimately I remain open to what light itself reveals.

MA Fine Art : University of Ulster, Belfast,  1990-1991.
BA Design (1st. Class Hons.) : University of Ulster, Belfast,  1987-1990.
MSc Computer Science : Queen's University, Belfast,  1986-1987.
BSc Zoology : Queen's University, Belfast,  1981-1985.

Signs of Life.  A poetry/art exhibition.
St Andrew's & St George's West, George Street, Edinburgh.  April 2018.

Luminescence 62
125LIVE.  A Unique Celebration Of Contemporary Photography.
Dray Walk Gallery, London.  October 2015.

Fine Art Photography
F295 Salon Exhibition, Pittsburgh PA, USA.  2015.

Talenthouse, West Hollywood, California, USA.  2015.

ART14, London.  March 2014.

Art13, London.  March 2013.

Luminescence & Light Trace
Titanic Quarter (Pump House), Belfast.  Multiple projections.
29th September 2012.

Eleven40 Gallery, Malvern, Melbourne, Australia. 2011.

Four Floors, MadArt Gallery, Dublin (Photo Ireland Festival).
July 2011.

Odyssey Pavilion, Belfast.  2006.

Images Of Dance
Three floors of the Waterfront Hall, Belfast.  March/April 1998.

IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art),  Dublin.  September 1991.
Slaughterhouse Gallery, Clerkenwell, London.  October 1991.

DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art
11 Filellinon & Em. Pappa St.
Nea Ionia 142 34

Nachson Mimran
Alpina Hotel

Anita Choudhrie
St. Moritz​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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